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Hank aus Texas und Heidi aus Deutschland sind beide mit ihren BMW’s immer noch unterwegs!


Km-Stand: Motorrad: Name: BJ: Besitzer Besonderheiten
759.448 BMW R 1100 GS   1995 Hank(Texas, USA) I purchased the motorbike in 1996 when the bike had 14k miles on it. The motor is the original motor,  it has not be rebuilt,  it still has the all its motor parts other than the plastic timing chain guides.  I have had the heads off to replace head gaskets.I have replace the bearings in the transmission twice and am on my 3rd clutch.  The final drive has had the bearing replace 4 times if I remember correctly.I have touratech panniers,& hella HIDs lights along with big hella lights.  Ohlins shocks and fastway foot pegs. This GS has been the best motorbike I have ever owned.  Two years ago I rode to Argentina from Texas with the motorbike having 429k miles on it and it did fantastic!I am hope to ride Europe soon with my trusty motorbike….
See: www.motohank.com